Sparkling New Appliances and Flooring

Hello and welcome to another Atlanta Discount Home Deals post! We are so excited to share with you our most recent progress with this home.

Just recently, our expert team on site completed replacing the flooring within the foyer and kitchen with new material. Sparkling new appliances were also installed, and now the heart of the home feels very close to finished. A new vanity was also installed.

For a look at our preparation for these improvements, please see our prior post, Interior Cleaning and Vanity Preparation. Check back soon for more changes!

Interior Cleaning and Vanity Preparation

Hello and welcome to another post from Atlanta Discount Home Deals. Our team on site has just finished with the interior wall cleaning — just look at the difference from the previous post! We are also preparing bathroom vanities for a full refurbishment and reinstallation; a step that will help modernize this home.

For a look at where we began, please see our prior post, In the Beginning. Check back soon for more changes!

In the Beginning

Hello and welcome to another Atlanta Discount Home Deals home.

1096 Brandon Hill Way is a two-story, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home located in Clayton County, Jonesboro, Georgia. This home features a fireplace, rear covered porch/sunroom, rear storage shed, and lots of natural light.

Just recently, we began this refurbishment of this soon-to-be lovely property. You may see in our slideshow above that our team on site has already begun preparations for ongoing projects; projects that include repainting the interior of this home and replacing some fixtures and carpentry. We have already begun by uninstalling the interior doors to this home, and setting up coverings to guard against dust during preparation.

Stay tuned for more updates!